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New Contests for Wine Club Members Offer Prizes for Winners!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Kalyra has unveiled two new, fun ongoing contests for wine club members that offer great prizes and recognition. The programs were launched in the October '11 wine club shipment newsletter.

Kalyra Around The World

Share your pics of Kalyra wines at exotic or crazy locations around the world. The most fun photo will be featured in the next wine club shipment newsletter as well as on Kalyra's website, and will win two bottles of Kalyra wine. Start clicking!


Kalyra Asks-- Covering the Gamut of Life Questions From Serious to Wacky

Life is one big question mark, isn't it? Kalyra is asking for your participation as it philosophizes life's nagging questions Kalyra-style. The first one is a biggie:

"What is the craziest thing you've ever witnessed at Kalyra?"

We realize we're opening our doors to some out-there stuff, but let's see what you've got! The best answer (and its author) will be featured in the next issue of the newsletter, and will wine two bottles of Kalyra wine. Put on your thinking caps!


Entries for both contests may be emailed to winethieves@KalyraWinery.com by November 1st.


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