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Kalyra Winery Launches Redesigned Website, Newsletter, Facebook Page

Monday, October 03, 2011

You've likely noticed many changes recently to Kalyra as we continue honing our desire to be progressive and fun, while staying firmly planted in our original mission of perpetrating great wine and a great wine community.In that spirit, we are proud to announce a new redesign of KalyraWinery.com, Kalyra's wine club newsletter, and Kalyra's Facebook Page.

KalyraWinery.com will now truly be the hub of information for Kalyra wines, news, contests, events, specials and even recipes. Each section is designed to enhance your experience both as a Kalyra customer and as a wine enthusiast.

Kalyra's newsletter, Wine Thief Tidings, now includes many additional 'pockets' of information especially for our #1 customers: Wine Thieves members. We hope you'll find its new look conveys a sense of energy and enthusiasm we have for the exciting days ahead as Kalyra welcomes its 10th Anniversary year in 2012.

And lastly, Kalyra is fortunate to have a very loyal Facebook following, likely in large part to the face that Kalyra was one of the first wineries to have a Facebook page when Facebook went mainstream. Since that time, Facebook has evolved and Kalyra's new page is a company page set up to simply 'like'. The new Facebook page will be actively maintained with code words, event info and Facebook-only discounts to be had. If you've been a friend of Kalyra's for a while, we hope you'll follow us over!


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