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239 Mixer Recipes

Here are a few of our winemaker's favorite recipes for mixing that new bottle of "239" you'll be recieving in the special summer shipment!



The Double Helix: 239 mixed with a Sparkling Blood Orange Soda (our favorite is Bundaberg) and serve on the rocks -- an Authentic Aussie flavor experience.

The Whippet:  239 mixed with Pomegranate juice served on the rocks--like a Greyhound only smaller

Ginger Snap:  239 mixed with Bundaberg Ginger Beer served on the rocks --Drink gingerly, it's got real ginger pieces and a snap to it!

239 to a T: 239 with tonic and lime served on the rocks -- a classic, smooth and original; a forever winner.

For 239 Red Sangria add

¾ of a gallon of  Bundaberg’s blood orange soda

1 small bottle of Gus’ cranberry lime soda

1 liter or slightly less of tonic water

A splash of champagne or Rieme’s Pink Lemonade

Stir then mix in your favorite sweet fruits, sliced and peeled. We like kiwi, watermelon, strawberries and peaches

Add ice to chill (but not too much, maybe two cups or use a frozen ice infuser.)

Adjust the flavor and strength to suit  your taste

Add 1.5 bottles to 2 bottles of 239 Rose

For White 239 Sangria add

1 box of Paul Newman’s Lemonade

1 liter of tonic water

1 small bottle of Orange Juice

A splash of champagne or Ginger Beer

Citrus fruit sliced: oranges, lemon, limes and grapefruit

1.5 - 2 bottle of 239 Grenache Blanc

Add ice to chill (but not too much, maybe two cups or use a frozen ice infuser.)

Bonus: you can infuse almost any fruit with 239 in the refrigerator for an hour before you want to use it—adds a special flavor to any cocktail




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